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Joseph Herzog

Joseph Herzog


As an eighth-generation member of the Herzog family, Joseph Herzog knows the business of wine. Prior to coming to California, Joseph worked at the Kedem Winery in upstate New York. He eventually left the snow for the sunny shores of the Golden Coast and moved to California in 2005 as Vice President of Operations for Herzog Wine Cellars.

He, more than most, knows how special Herzog wines are. First, every bottle of wine carries the family name, and that means something. If they weren’t proud of what they do, they wouldn’t put their name on it. Second, Herzog has a spectacular winemaking team that operates as a family, but is always willing to change and adapt fast. And that is another reason Herzog wines are so special—the winemakers aren’t set in their ways. The Herzog team tastes widely to ensure they are not only keeping up with the trends and tastes of all wineries, but also leading the way in creating something new. He thinks it’s vital to always be open to innovation.

As the family’s onsite representative, Joseph oversees everything from Herzog’s California vineyard partnerships to the winery’s special events, tasting room as well as its in-house, fine dining restaurant, Tierra Sur. His personal philosophy is to make sure Herzog can stand the test of time. “I believe we are all links in a chain. It’s my job, as the chain gets longer and longer, to make it strong enough to hold the weight. We need to be our best now in order to leave a company that the next generation can build upon.”

Head Winemaker Joe Hurliman

Joe Hurliman


Joe Hurliman began his winemaking career in the mid 1980’s, working with Alban Vineyards and Sine Qua Non Winery. He first came to Herzog Wine Cellars in 1998, playing a central role in the design and construction of the Herzog Wine Cellars winery. He knew when they were designing Herzog that they wanted to be able to do both very small lot and large production winemaking. So, he took a lot of time and effort designing the cellars to accomplish both of those things.

Having a hand in all aspects of the grape growing process inspires him. And being able to allow the grapes to perfectly represent themselves is what drives him as Herzog’s winemaker. He really feels fortunate to work with Herzog Cellars entire winemaking team. “I’m truly in awe of what they all accomplish and how they work tirelessly to vault Herzog forward.”

David Galzignato Herzog Winemaker

David Galzignato


David Galzignato has built an illustrious career, beginning in the fall of 1998 at La Fracce Winery, Oltrepo Pavese, Italy. He has led winery teams in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Washington state, and Italy.

Over 17 years as a head winemaker, Galzignato has focused on farming first and attention to detail in the cellar as a close second, always approaching scenarios from a hands-on perspective. Galzignato’s winemaking mentors include First Growth and Cru winemakers and consultants from Bordeaux and Chateauneuf du Pape. He has spent 15 years in Napa learning from some great houses, including Peter Mondavi Sr. family Estates–Charles Krug, Duckhorn Wine company, and most recently at Provenance Vineyards Rutherford. As a result, David and his teams have garnered over 100 scores of 90/90+ points from the top wine media influencers.

“Over the years, I have come to value authenticity, humility, and innovation as the key drivers that make both people and businesses successful,” says Galzignato. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for the 150-year history of Herzog Cellars. I’m excited to work closely with the team focusing on sustainable farming and winemaking priorities, as well continuing to work with some of the best vineyards in both Napa and Sonoma.”

Alicia Wilbur

Alicia Wilbur


Alicia Wilbur joined Herzog Wine Cellars in 2013. She is also a certified sommelier and holds a degree in Enology and a minor in Chemistry from California State University, Fresno. With those qualifications, she could work anywhere, but she loves creating the Herzog wines that sit on tables at so many family events, like weddings and bar mitzvas. She finds it both humbling and empowering that Herzog wines touch so many people’s lives.

Wilbur is responsible for the Variations series as well as the sought-after brand Jeunesse. She believes that wine is for everyone, and that people should drink what they enjoy most, no matter what the industry rules say. “If you want to have a sauvignon blanc with your steak, then you should do that.”

Assistant Winemaker Barry Hendersen

Barry Henderson


Barry Henderson joined Herzog Wine Cellars in 2008. He worked his first harvest at Justin Winery in Paso Robles in 1997 and became the assistant winemaker of Adelaida Cellars in 1999. What he loves most about Herzog is the variety of wines produced because of the diversity of regions where they source their grapes. He really appreciates that Herzog is invested in every part of the winemaking process.

Currently, Henderson manages Herzog Wine Cellars’ popular Baron Herzog brand of wines. He believes winemaking is absolutely a collaborative effort. The people managing vineyards, the people trucking the grapes, the people at the winery, the cellar workers: all of Herzog’s team knows that every step matters and every part of the process matters. “Always do what’s best for the wine. There are no shortcuts.”

Cellar Master Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman


The Herzog Cellar Crew shares the Herzog family’s commitment to excellence; carefully guiding the grapes from tank, to barrel, to bottle. Cellar Master Josh Goodman has been with Herzog Wine Cellars for 23 harvests and leads a cellar crew that has a combined experience of over 50 years. That time has taught the team what it takes to make great wine, and illustrates their commitment to quality wine making.

Zev Shifrin


Following in the footsteps of his father, Zev has been part of the Cellar Crew for over two decades – starting in Santa Maria and moving 3 times with the winery. His passion for boutique wine making is met only by his love of the outdoors. The smell of the woods, the majesty of creation, the purity of a campsite sunrise. All inspiration to capture the natural essence of the vine and share it with his friends and family. And probably why he is an American Oak man.

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